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Deep Purple-Perfect Strangers-coverart.jpg
Al Green - Here I Am (1993)-front-455x455.jpg
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nfk117 years ago
the beatles.(1960s)
hobo86753098 years ago
anyone recognize this?
who's better who's best.png
Rockerx9 years ago
My favorite album and band. anyone know it just by the pic? :)
that is sooooooooo easy pink floyd dark side of the moon.
You know this post is over a year old right? Plus It's already been answered...
That's not *over* a year... FAIL
Yet again, to you this time. The original comment I posted above is ABOUT a year old, I made a mistake sheesh. Out of curiosity how did you find this? Its not even under recent unless you go back a ton...
NachoMahma (author)  Rockerx9 years ago
. That's too easy. It was one of the most popular albums ever.
2nd I think behind Micheal Jackson
sugg229 years ago
Personal favorite - High School Football Heroes album "We've Fooled Around Long Enough" Personal least favorite - Sex Pistols album "Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols"
hsfh2.jpgsex pistols.jpg
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