Some of the hyperlink in the last couple of newsletter is not working.

Some of the hyperlink in the last couple of newsletter is not working. From Editors Picks down to Contests

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JWBaker1 year ago

The problem is also still happening for me, but I've been working around it by clicking the "view in browser" link at the top of the emails in Outlook. The links work fine in my browser (Chrome).

Untulis1 year ago

It is happening again right now.

It is still happening. It only happens with Instructables emails and I am using the same Outlook that I have been for years. When is this going to be fixed?

dpasqual1 year ago

I have the same problem. As from the 9 feb 2016 newsletter, only the pictures before the Editors'picks have a hyperlink to the web. The following pictures have no link to the web contents. This is true for the firefox web brother. I have Windows 10.

Someone have the solution?

Thank you for the reply

OK ! Now I see that the newsletters have no links since I began using outlook 2016. works fine and I have the links. I also make investigations directly on the files of my provider. There I also see the links. So, the problem is certainly due to outlook 2016.

BUT now ! What appens in outlook ?. At this time, I really don't know.

Maybe you have an idee?

(excuse me for but my language is normaly not english but french)

lsippell1 year ago

Same thing for me. Non of the editors' picks have links. I get my newsleter email in thubderbird.

kbr (author) 1 year ago

I hate to tell you this but it is the same problem in the latest to (I am not sure if it what you mean whit the message beneath)

wkube1 year ago

Yes, I've been having this problem for a week or more. The top hyperlink in the newsletter email is active, as are the items in "Contests". But everything is the "Editors' Picks" does not have a hyperlink. This is in today's "3D Scan Anything With a Camera" email.