Some random guns I never displayed on ibles

Alright, so I never really worried about it before, but I figured I'd show them now. These are a bunch of old weapons that I had at KI or KA but never bothered showing here. There's nothing huge that you've missed out on, but you might see something you never knew was done before.

1. This was in a video so you guys probably saw it, but I don't think I ever put pictures here. This is one of the first (don't know how many, if any, others there were) horizontal magazine guns. It loaded dark greys with green rods. I have tried making a more compact version for a while but I could never get one to load as reliably.

2. I guess this was the precursor to the BAW. I honestly forgot about it until now. Basically, before I figured out SK's removable magazine concept but after I learned how to make a decent magazine for yellows, I tried making a shelled-round gun with removable magazines. It had a really crude way of attaching but it worked. It fired very well, actually. But the shells didn't want to eject so you had to manually eject them. It was too crude of a weapon so I never kept working with it. I have tried making other shelled-round weapons but none have quite pleased me.

3. This is probably one of the more interesting ones. With my trigger concept that I loved so much, I tried making a bullpup bolt action. It worked I guess, but it had bad range because the trigger required I made a barrel up to it. I could've vastly improved this by using the PDR trigger, but I figured out, well one I didn't have the pieces and two the stock would be uncomfortably long if I did.

4. I don't know if I showed this here. I had  thread on KI for it, though. It was my attempt at a Thompson M1A1. Bleh, it was very crude but I figured I'd show it anyways.

5. Here comes an assortment of assault pistols I worked on while at KA. I have notes written on them so apparently I brought them over here, but I don't remember where I may have displayed them, so I'll post them anyways. The first is a "revolver" using the redone concept by oompa on his revolver.

6. This one was a redo of the first one I mad a long time ago. Back before oodammo but after the TDS and all other side arms were being overdone, assault pistols were pretty much the new fad, and it became my obsession for a while to make the perfect one after seeing bitz's. This one fired blue rods. It's funny looking at it now, I could easily make one better in so many ways if I didn't care about using plain magazines.

7. This was my last one (not counting the revolver, which was done for kicks 'n' giggles) before oodammo. I tossed the blue rod magazine in favor of a removable, internal pusher darkgrey+green rod magazine. Lol, looking at this thing now...I was happy with the magazine at the time back when detachables weren't entirely common.

So yeah, that's all I can find for now. You guys are welcome to dig around and see if you can't find something you've never shown before.

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Is that a bullpup ZKAR? I know I keep on reviving this forum topic, but I find something interesting EVERY time I look at it.
*sigh* I dislike when others call any other Bolt action a ZKAR because:
1. Not only did I have the idea first, but Zak took the idea from SK when I collab'd with him.
2. People aren't fond when I call the majority of their sidearms a TDS derivative.
But yes, it was a bullpup bolt action weapon. It was inefficient in design. I know changes I'd make to it now, but I still wouldn't use a yellow rod magazine without some sort of radical new mechanism because the stock is horribly long otherwise.
Whoops, I did not mean to offend you... Sorry, my bad. At first glaze it looked a lot like a ZKAR, only with the mag behind the handle, but I see now that that is not true.

Who is SK? I had no idea that you were the first to come up with the separate chamber mech (as it is not a bolt action, no gun is ya-know). That is awesome. Have you ever thought about rebuilding it?
As TheRacker said, Solekiller. I respected him a lot because he was an innovator without the ego a lot of others had. -Technically- the idea of separate chambering existed before. I don't know who thought of it, but it was a very undeveloped concept. I was the first I know of (others could have independently thought up the concept at the same time or before without my knowing) to reimagine the concept in two different ways. First, I wanted it to use a bottom loading magazine. Second, I wanted it to maximize the pin use and ignore the friction of the magazine to optimize power. I had the idea down, just didn't know how to build it. I asked SK to help and he threw together a prototype. However, he also talked to Zak that we were doing the idea, and he liked it and went about it on his own making the first ZKAR. At least, that's how I understand it.

I've thought many times on how to make the bullpup version better, but each time I came to the conclusion that the stock would just be too long. I finally came up with one final solution which was to combine the concept with my auto-chambering concept so that the pin would hit the back of the magazine and essentially directly load the round. I'm not sure how well this would work.
S0lekill3r, he used to be around a lot before 2009, then sold all his knex and kinda disappeared. Look up his YouTube channel, he made some cool stuff.
I just wanted to drop you a note and ask how well that horizontal magazine gun worked? I have been contemplating a gun like that, and I was wondering what your experience was with it?
The one I have in the pictures worked just fine. Here's a video of it:
As far as horizontal magazines in general, after this gun, I had troubles making one that's more compact. The trick is making a ramp that works well and doesn't jam the ammo. But it's perfectly doable and I just wasn't intuitive enough back then. You should have no problems figuring one out.
Good. I was looking forward to making a concept gun like that, but under the barrel, and in the front, not the back. I don't know if it is feasible, but I would love to try.
Ah yes, essentially mimicking a tubular magazine of shotguns and old lever action rifles? If you want a direct feed ramp, it should be perfectly doable. Other people have done lever actions that used an elevating ramp. I also had a simple concept of a pump action elevator. I'll see if I can find the pictures for it. Though you could really do it any way you want. Go for it and good luck.
photo 3.JPGphoto 2.JPGphoto 1.JPG
Yes, I did want to "mimic" that shotgun type tubular magazine, but I wanted to see, as opposed to the pics you have above this message, if I could make a "auto loading" TM (tubular magazine). Or at least if I could make one that does not require a mech that you pull down and let to go to let the round go into the chamber.
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