Something that has been annoying me about my fellow Americans

Are they stupid, lazy or both? I ask this because I've seen repeated references, both online and in traditional media, saying that Hormel is experiencing a boost in sales as "money conscious" consumers buy more Spam. Now I am a Spam aficionado, and I can tell you that I have never seen it for sale for less than $2.39 a can, that works out to $3.18 a pound, for a food that is 25% saturated fat. So what other meats can I buy for less than $3.18 a pound? I looked at the circular for Publix, not the cheapest grocer by far, and whole chickens are $.79 a Lb, Bottom Round Roast $2.19 a Lb, Pork Cutlets $2.99 a Lb. And I bought ground beef for $2.52 a Lb. So, really, what kind of moron is being "money conscious" by buying the MORE expensive food? Are we really that BAD at basic math, the mortgage crisis would suggest so. Now I fully expect some apologist to say "It's convenient, people don't have time to cook", but according to Nielsen's we have time to each watch on average 4 hours of TV a day. And really don't you still have to prepare spam, or are people just plopping it on a plate, garnishing with parsley and serving?

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triumphman5 years ago
I agree, people are lazy slugs! They take the easy way out, often unhealthy! Watch the movie "Walley"! That is where we are heading! Go anywhere and you see, fat, wobbly, sickly, people, barely able to waddle from their cars into the store to buy more garbage food!
They ride those electric carts, which their grotesk and immense bodies almost hide the electric carts! Sickening to see how big they are!
I have been cooking for my wife and daughter for over 25 years! I love to experiment, I use mostly fresh ingredients. i love my wok, frypan, and pressure cooker! I can make anything nyou throw at me, even game animals. Squirrel, venison, rabbits, to name a few. Garlic is my favorite spice, next to salt & pepper, thyme and rosemary! I just made a whole Turkey, it was so good, I made pan gravy, just by adding a little water and cornstarch mix. White rice and some vegees. We had a royal feast! My daughter loves to come home from college just to enjoy my cooking! This Easter I made a traditional, roast pork, rubbed with garlic, coarse salt, pepper & oregano! Suculent! Sweet taters, rice & beans! Heavenly! I am healthy, don't smoke or take anything other than a few aspirins now and again. I keep active, firewood, organic gardening, quad & motorcycle riding, auto repair, oil changes, tune ups, hobbies- too numerous to mention, and so much more! We just got a Wii and I love to do the dance routines and sports games! More exorcize for me the better! I have no doctor, except a good friend, who does plastic surgery! He can't believe I don't go to his friends, the other doctors. I say, "if I'm not sick why go " he laughs and says I'm right! So wake up people, drop the junk food and live healthy! Real men don't cook, HA HA HA !
metalarts6 years ago
Perhaps youv'e outlined the answer to your own question.It isn't the money.It isn't for health and longevity.It is for self indulgence.We will have our comforts and when we are denied them,we will find what we want elsewhere.It isn't even a lack of self discipline which would imply a lack of ability to "do whats best". I like it! I want it! I'll get it......
Padlock8 years ago
So your complaining that people buy spam instead of turkey or chicken...? Hmm... and I though Cancer was important.
D.L.H.8 years ago
Most Americans do not take into fact the cost in the long run just the one in the present and already ready to be cooked. The most sad part is Americans many of them go to fast food restaurants and or buy pre-heat meals that cost more than the fresh whole meat that is most likely cheaper. If we spent less time spending on quick meals and more on healthier and probably cheaper meals maybe we be a bit more rich and more healthy.
Rotten1948 years ago
But pre-packaged food comes pre-poisoned! Lead and Botulism, yay!
Goodhart8 years ago
I have noticed this phenomena in many others (some rather close to me, actually) where they'd rather buy a bunch of 99 cent boxes of frozen food (about 2-4 ounces) then get the fresh and have to make it themselves, despite the fact that fresh is both cheaper and healthier :-)
westfw8 years ago
Someone I respected (but I forget exactly who) once said "being poor is expensive." For instance, your fresh alternatives assume refrigeration, cooking equipment, assorted pots and pans, some talent, some (personal) energy, and time that is not just "available" but also "convenient" to a normal eating schedule. But yeah, I'm always a bit shocked at what people consider "inexpensive" eating. For the cost of a meal at McDonalds, you can eat SO much better. If you (can and will) cook, or at least investigate. There seems to be a whole class of food that people have labeled "expensive and difficult" just because it's served in good restaurants (at a high price). but it's really not... (Other examples. A regular school lunch I pack for my son is some pre-cooked (frozen) shrimp. Sure, they're $8/lb or so (two-pound bag from costco), but a serving is about 1/5lb. And last week I sent an Artichoke to school for my daughter's lunch ($2.50?) (incidentally impressing her classmates. Though it really wasn't that much tougher to prepare than a sandwich.) Compare to the "hot lunch" served by the school for $4-7...)
Bigev westfw8 years ago
$4-7?!?! Where I live, lunch is $2, while then free and reduced are still options. But I heartily agree, the art of cooking is becoming lost and even basic attempts of cooking is often met with astonishment from third parties.
westfw Bigev8 years ago
Yeah, well, lovely Ca public schools, you know. No kitchen, no cafeteria, food served by volunteers. Brought in from local restaurants (or "Healthy food services", now that "eating healthy" is so politically correct.) Sigh. All those complaints about school budgets, and yet what IS spent (or not spent) is SO inefficient. My first roomate after I graduated from college ended up asking me to teach him to cook Kraft Macaroni & Cheese. I was a little boggled...
Jayefuu westfw8 years ago
Perhaps we should write a whole load of cooking ibles and put them together with some of the good ones that already exist to make an instructables cookery book. Loads of people buy cooking books for £10+, would be a great fund raiser for instructables. Or perhaps just publish the low and slow bbq contest winners as a book.
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