Sometimes you have to throw out the wheat with the chaff

I like slideshows, I know not everyone does, meh. I love instructables, with text and pictures, and the occasional video demonstrating the item. But the videos, oh dear Ghod, the videos. I don't really like the videos, but when these metacafe people carpet bomb the front page with a dozen videos, I want to punch them in the groin. So, nope, never, ever gonna look at another video again, don't care if you invented a space drive, and brought back a freaking green skinned alien babe with two navels, not gonna watch it. That's all, I feel better.

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beado4ever10 years ago
As most of the time when I come on to here I am on my laptop in a house where every one is fast asleep i don't appreciate having to plug in some headphones to listen to a badly recorded audio track on a video of "How I used 3 million k'nex pieces to save the universe. A way to filter them out would keep my "reading" experience much easier.
None of the videos here play automatically, so you must be intentionally clicking the videos to start them playing. Also, the Instructables tab has only Instructables so there already is a way to filter.
But with the video Instructables it seems common practice to give little more than the title and without more expansive explanations, watching and 'listening' becomes necessary which is inconvenient at best and impossible more often. Not a big complaint but sometimes the video ones look quite good.......
gmoon10 years ago
Some people may resent the motives of 'metacafe' posters, but remember: Cross-promotion benefits Instructables, too. The more viewers, the more ad revenue, the more new community members pulled in, etc., etc. (There's a possible negative 'tipping-point' where the majority of new 'ible projects become worthless-junk-posted-for-profit posts, but we're nowhere near that point....)
watermelon10 years ago
The carpet bomb stuff may have something good every once in a while but it would be nice if perhaps instructables with video links on the intro step were placed into there own Explore/Recent category like maybe Explore/Recent/Video. That way if you had a video of your project to show how something is done you could put it on the second step or the last step to keep it from being recategorized. That may give us a break for awhile. Then if we get bored we can actually go looking for videos without them being shoved.
ewilhelm10 years ago
I'll take this opportunity to remind everyone that there's the homepage and featured RSS feeds, which both only contain good stuff. If that's not enough new content for you, subscribe to the Instructable-only RSS feed. I left an orangeboard comment on the user in question helping them to understand the Instructable community. I agree that posting of of their content at once is a little overwhelming. Hopefully they'll see the value and contribute more in the future.
westfw ewilhelm10 years ago
I have to admit that the recent flood of videos from didn't seem to be wholey inappropriate for instructables, nor obviously motivated by greed for metacafe payments, But man, what a deluge!
Patrik westfw10 years ago
There are some nice ones in there, though. Great find for a beginning science teacher, I'd think...
Kiteman Patrik10 years ago
Unfortunately, many UK school networks deny access to Metacafe and YouTube.
ewilhelm westfw10 years ago
I think the content is perfect for Instructables - it's just the timing and format were not quite up to our standards. I'm hopeful that lots of good stuff will come out of it, though.
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