Sonic Grenade

I found this toy call a sonic grenade looks like a lot of fun. But I think a instructable for a MEGA sonic grenade would be much better I would like to see something in the 120 db range

Sonic Grenade on firebox .com

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i heard of the sound gernade for the iphone if anyone can tell me how to get that sound I could make a preety good sound gernade
=SMART=9 years ago


Its sucks, its not loud at all, and if you squeeze the yellow handle down the alarm turns off
pyrocop1 (author)  =SMART=9 years ago
I really didn't want to buy this one that is why I said someone should build the Mega Sonic Grenade
Yea i know, stupidly i bought it :P i sawed the yellow handle off though :D
i once saw something on another website where u take on of these babys and shove it in a tool box and lock the tool box, then its going off like crazy and people cant stop it! lol
That would be the perfect opportunity to use the sledgehammer as something other than a doorstop. Unless my torque wrench was in there. Then it's the perfect job for a hacksaw, used gently. If not, gratuitous power tools. The chainsaw. Or the sawzall. Of course if you locked one in my shed, I'd just let it ring until the battery died. Maybe get the critters out from under the thing.
When I was a really young teen, I got a really loud battery powered alarm clock. I set it for 3:30 am and hid it DEEP in my parents closet. Let's just say it did not go over well!
You seem to get yourself in trouble with any thing that makes a noise <> It's more fun the other way around, only I use a 24 volt fire alarm bell on the kid... If only they would clean there rooms they might actually see a 12 inch red fire alarm bell on the floor and wires ........
You've just helped me solve a very real problem!
pyrocop1 (author) 9 years ago
I need a few more things for it. I don't want it to be able to be shut off ,(Only by me) also if someone picks it up after the pin is pulled that it will shock the crap out of them. I think that sums up everything in the wish list for this instructable.
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