Sony HandyCam

Sony HandyCam camcorder. Two batteries (one 6 hour, the other 4) All the cords Case Operation manual Two tapes Make me an offer (over $130)

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did you ever sell your camcorder?
Actually, I didn't, But I am using it almost everyday now. I posted this thinking I wouldn't be able to get into a computers coarse at school, but I got in, so I am using it. Next time!
LIGHTRONIX9 years ago
picture? I might be interested.
bumpus (author)  LIGHTRONIX9 years ago
Here are a few, a case comes with everything packed inside! :D
arylic9 years ago
I want to buy it i would buy it for $150 cash right now ?
bumpus (author)  arylic9 years ago
Sure, if you could PM me, I could set it up on Ebay, or just get you to pay via PayPal, and I'll send it ASAP. Where are you located?
arylic bumpus9 years ago
fiji islands. Hey is the thing in good condition ? and working ?
bumpus (author)  arylic9 years ago
Ooh, I've always wanted to visit Fiji, and yes its in excellent condition, I've only used it twice, and works perfectly!
arylic bumpus9 years ago
Then why are you selling it for cheap ?
bumpus (author)  arylic9 years ago
I just have no use for it, and thought I could get someone a good deal! :D
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