Sorry for saying this.......

I have some bad news on the full auto. I am not able to finish the gun, i was pretty surprised that i ran out of parts pretty quick. I am sorry, but i will have to cancel the project........ all it basically is is someone's semi-auto modified to hold more shots, and to be full auto three things will be done instead: 1. I will post the removable clip mechanism i was talking about earlier 2. I had a pistol planned as a backup in case this project failed. I will post it. 3. I will come up with plans for a SPEC-9 sniper rifle v2

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TheDunkis9 years ago
Dang it dude it happened again (although I'm not sure if this is the same person) if you know not exactly when but an idea of which event it's not indefinite is it? Indefinite means forever anyways so you're pretty much saying it won't ever happen. So you're putting on definite hold until you get more pieces? Lol sorry for making a big deal but it just doesn't make sense otherwise. Anyways I look forward to it.
DJ Radio (author)  TheDunkis9 years ago
anyway, its canceled indefinitely, because when i thought about it, all it is is just knexagon's semi-auto rifle with mods.........
post some pics, and mabye your ideas, the gun u based it off etc, that way those of us with more pieces could try
DJ Radio (author)  agent harmsy9 years ago
all you would have to do is build Knexagon's semi-auto rifle, Make the barrel longer, use dsman's RBG mechanism in place of the one on the semi-auto, build a better stock, lengthen the mag, and hold down the trigger when shooting
LoL 0wn3d by lack of parts.
DJ Radio (author)  Oompa-Loompa9 years ago
and that's why i am way too underrated..........
No, I could care less how many parts you have.
DJ Radio (author)  Oompa-Loompa9 years ago
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