Sorry for the shameless plug....

but I have so little time to work on my projects that it can take up to a year to get out something as simply constructed as the following.  It has to do with my main hobby being electronics, and the hardware end of things is a bit rusty, so it takes me longer, and I really have my life filled to the brim (for the moment anyways) so the darned need to stay alive gets in the way too.

ANYWAYS, for those interested,  I have finalized my polarized light skin cancer "revealer":  take note, I warn this is not a medical grade device, and LOTS of training needs to be done before one can diagnose with such a thing, but it may help someone see an anomalous mole before it becomes cancer, and so if it does that for one person, I feel it was worthwhile spending 6 + months on it.

The IBLE can be found here...for any that are interested.

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crapflinger6 years ago
when i saw the title, and that you had posted, i really hoped this was going to link to an instructable about some indecent electrical receptacle or something
Goodhart (author)  crapflinger6 years ago
Oh my...!
Goodhart (author)  crapflinger6 years ago
That would be a shameless socket >:-D