Sorry guys...

Sorry, I'm getting less and less active around here. I'm not telling you I'm leaving, I'm just not going to be answering all your comments, and I'm not going to be around much. BUT, I'm still going to be posting guns every once in a while :) If you want me to build anything awesome, you can tell me your idea here.
That's it.

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DJ Radio7 years ago
Here's the other side of the coin: I am back.
MegaMetal87 years ago
you actually are my favourite knexer
Seleziona (author)  MegaMetal87 years ago
Cool :) I'm posting a few things soon! And thanks very much! No one has ever told me that.
Can you make a SPAS-12 i dont think anyone has made a good one Or an AK74U or MAC11
Seleziona (author)  MegaMetal87 years ago
I won't make a SPAS-12, and I've tried making an AK-74u lots, didn't work ever, but I'll try a MAC11
Good Here's some other gun ideas: TMP, ACR or FAL Or maybe even a FAMAS
Seleziona (author)  MegaMetal87 years ago
Mac11 didn't work, but I'm making an L86
Gimme a shout if you need help
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