Soulja boy crank dat

Where can I get the mp3 of soulja boy's crank dat without the singing?

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amya0006 years ago
y delete the words...the dance wont be half as fun w/o them...lol no seriously
deansep (author)  amya0006 years ago
How do u delete the words???
DJ Radio6 years ago
so, you just want the song without the lyrics.........right?
deansep (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
hmmmmmmm, you might want to buy a specialized cd, from ebay.........
deansep (author)  DJ Radio6 years ago
I want it to be free.
well, no real solution, unless you know someone who is an audio editor. you can give him the regular soulja boy disk, and ask him to remove the lyrics. he probably wont charge, because the soulja boy with lyrics is better than what you want
bumpus DJ Radio6 years ago
Dean, you could try getting the song off Limewire or Napster, and uploading it to Audicity. Try this instructable:

Remove The Lyrics From Most Songs

Everything is free.
deansep (author)  bumpus6 years ago
Could you just do that for me?
He shouldn't steal it, just record the sound from his speakers from the video. That's legal.
DJ Radio bumpus6 years ago
ok, first of all, he did not get that comment, i did, try replying to HIM next time. well, never thought there would be an ible on that, tho there are 14,000
bumpus DJ Radio6 years ago
How did you know he didn't revcieve the comment? Either way, he did. Because, on one of those huge long comment chains, people still get the comments.
DJ Radio bumpus6 years ago
Take the mp3 of him singing and take out the vocals. Search the site for "instrumental audacity". You'll find what you're looking for there.
I've got the Audacity program, and it's pretty freaking awesome! I was originally going to use it for Torque (video game creation software), but I didn't like Torque. Kinda lost interest. But Audacity is super fun!
I love Audacity. When I first got it, I was like a little kid when I realized it generated click tracks (I love those! Like the "ping, ping" that you hear in submarine movies? Awesome.).
Chicken22096 years ago
deansep (author)  Chicken22096 years ago
nothing on there. no singing needed. GOOGLE DOESNT HAVE IT.