So...who is still here? Vet roll call + free concepts

Actually, I don't feel like asking for names specifically, as I don't remember everyone and some people would probably be offended if I forgot them. So, just reply to this topic if you've been here long enough that you've arguably established yourself a place in the community. I won't put any standards on that. Judge for yourself but be realistic if you wanna consider yourself a veteran. I want to know who is still here. I want to try kickstarting K'nex gunning back up again (ironic that it's me doing it) because I have plenty of ideas, fair amount of time, but little pieces. Basically I'm going to collaborate with whoever is still here and interested in my ideas. I'm hoping a decent rush of innovation will get old vets reinterested and perhaps inspire new K'nexers.

If you're wanting to take on any of these projects below, let me know and I'll discuss with you them in full detail and provide whatever help I can. Otherwise, I'm leaving it to you to build them.

-Improved shotgun concept. Look at Foofy's take on my concept and improve it further. I'm thinking of pump action and a large hopper. Make it bottom mounted so a higher powered weapon can be used on top

-Controllable fully automatic sling gun. This would be revolutionary if we could get it to work. The potential is there, we just need to figure out how to unleash it. I've already talked enough about it, someone must be interested.

-Pump action, pseudo semi auto turret. This would be somewhat complicated but still doable. Think of a gatling gun combined with the K-sayer. Each pump would cock and rotate a barrel. So you could then prepare a number of shots beforehand and then fire them all in succession.

All of the above are potential war weapon candidates so I was figuring people would be more willing to give them a shot. If you're looking strictly for innovation or fun then:
-Crossbow pistol. I always wanted to give it a shot but never could do it. Make it handlefed. It was going to be a candidate for my ultimate side arm back when I was still going through my TDS phase but now it would be purely for the sake of fun.

-Automatic gun prop. I figured this might be interesting. Basically, make a gun that doesn't shoot but rather it ejects "shells" from the ejection port and fires either semi or fully automatically. I'm thinking you could make a rack and pinion system to drive the ejection port (which when opened would let the "shell" fly out) that's hooked up to a motor or a rubber band powered gear. It might not be as fun making something that doesn't fire but it'd be a challenge and something new.

-Dual/triple stack magazine. Interestingly enough, this one is more challenging than it should be. Basically make a 3 layered magazine and then try to get it to feed into a single stack. Make it removable. The idea here is that it would have a larger capacity. It probably wouldn't be too practical, though.

-Dual stockrail gun. Well, this could probably be a decent war weapon but it'd be somewhat complicated. It would combined several concepts into one gun. Make a rail gun with two rails in the stock of the weapon for extra strength with less length. Your choice of what it loads from.

-Bullpup repeating sling. This has actually been made before. I know I got Jollex to make one at least. None of them seemed quite good enough, though. Add crossbow limbs and a magazine that accepts finned rounds and you've got yourself a pretty BA weapon.

-Side folding stock. It's very doable, just annoying. If you could set up a hinge in a sixth layer that connects the stock and the gun, it wouldn't be much of a problem figuring out the rest. The problem is how to make that hinge.

Eh, I'll come up with more. I'm regaining my memory. I kept most of my ideas in the dark and forgot about them. >_<

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Knex.X5 years ago
Count me in. im online daily
im still around just not so active i have alot of real life issues and school to deal with
I did have an idea for the stacked mag. It works, but its still buggy and its only a double. I did notice it would have a potential cap of over 30 rounds though. I will post pics of it sometime soon, along with the modded SSCR gun I have laying around.
crestind5 years ago
K'nex seems to have... reached its conclusion.
TheDunkis (author)  crestind5 years ago
Hardly. We've reached a speed bump, but I don't think it'll end for quite a while. There are still plenty of ideas out there, just ones that are more demanding. At least as long as I have time, I'll always be building.
Me too. I must say though, on the whole, excepting a few ball machine builders, things seem to be withering in quantity and quality.
I agree. I have to say though, ball machines are usually the most impressive things I've seen anyways.
mahmel5 years ago
Because you can't put much energy in stuff with your finger,
the energy should be in the bullets and fired with a simple release mechanism.
use 1 way connectors with a rubber band, put them in a modded magazine and put in Kinetic's gun. Voila
K'nex guns are fun to build and will only get better with time... new builders will come around and build new better stuff building on the shoulders of the original standards
K'nex guns will be around ill always be playing with em from time to time they are fun to shoot so why not lol
can't wait to see what next great guns come out im positive the limits will continue to expand
Sharir17015 years ago
hello ! if you remember me (i won't be offended if not) and consider me a vet, then i'm in, if you're still interested.
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