With the flood of spammers offering streaming or downloads of films and shows, can you add new words to the filters to lock them out ?

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ringai4 years ago
Hell, I'd pay more if they'd let me instantly kill spam.

I think another way to deal with spam is to add a "Possible Spam" banner to the thumbnail of an instructable flagged as spam. The flag could be removed by the moderator if it was maliciously applied and the flagger then disallowed from flagging for a certain period. Restricting this to pro members would be a way to make it costly to anyone wanting to use a puppet account to flag a rival's post.
Ive noticed that most spam is by "members" who have joined the same day as they post spam.
Maybe the first instructable or forum post, from a new member, needs to be checked before it is accepted.
Sounds like more work I know but there are many members who have taken "ownership" of Instructables (thats a good thing) they want to help make the site the best it can be.
As ringai said he would pay to be able to kill spam, Maybe instructables could give some spam killing powers to trusted members. And give them a tee shirt and coffee cup for their time.
I know I would sign up.

Such a team already exists - the Community Team are mostly time-served members with a track record of Good Works.  As well as helping authors out and being generally helpfil on the Forums, they have enganced spam-killing powers.

You can't volunteer for membership, it's by invitation only.
enganced spam-killing powers have something to do with the prostate? I just throw sticks and stones at the spammers.
Thats sounds painful!
I predict another Hitler video, you have all the ingredients, sticks, stones, prostate, Hitler and spam.
what say you caitlinsdad are you up for another video?

ewilhelm4 years ago
I agree that lately it has definitely been worse. We're trying to adapt. Please continue flagging them when you see them!
steveastrouk (author)  ewilhelm4 years ago
Can you do something just off the number of folks reporting spam ? Its not perfect, but if 20 people spot it, then it gets blocked - the worst case that it might be blocked for, if it isn't spam is only a matter of a few hours.
I'm forwarding this to people who need to know, because I think there might be some issues with the filters not working correctly.
steveastrouk (author)  StumpChunkman4 years ago
Its eased off again in the last 24 hours - I thought you'd already done something new at your end !
kelseymh4 years ago
The flood has always been there. It appears that there might have been something broken in the filters which allowed them to get through. I don't know if it's been fixed, but most spam appears to get posted during overnight U.S. time, so we may have to wait until tomorrow to find out.
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