Sparks fly when you machine titanium.

Hey everyone, I was surprised at what happens you machine titanium at 3200 rpms. Check out the sparks that flew while machining a 2"x1/8" titanium disc. Some sparks would even combust in mid air like tiny fireworks.  


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Honus4 years ago
Oooh- that's not good. What kind of cutter are you using? Should also use some coolant. 6Al4V can be a bear to machine but commercially pure alloys machine very much like steel.
Mrballeng (author)  Honus4 years ago
It's a plain old carbide bit. Luckily I rarely work with titanium. Thanks for the tip.
Way too fast for the material and tips.
Kiteman4 years ago
It almost looks like the piece is working the tool!
nanosec124 years ago
That has to be nasty on your tungsten carbide tools !!!
I wonder what the tool was made of.?