Speaker amp size?

Ok Im making a speaker, I´ve got 3 speakers connected in parallel and I want to buy an amplifier from Maplin. What kind of amplifier should I buy?
My multimeter says theyre 2 Ohms but thats because theyre connected in parallel really they are

So basically could someone tell me which amplifier to buy (it doesnt matter if its a DIY kit)

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kacper00100 (author) 8 years ago
Ok, thanks guys for all your helpful comments, today I went to Maplin and bought a 7W amp, but sadly they didn´t have any crossovers =( but I have one last question:
Does the crossover go before or after the amp?
if you use 1 amp for all speakers you have no choice if you use few amps then whatever you want (try both places)
kacper00100 (author)  110100101108 years ago
What do you mean I have no choice?
a crossover splits 1 link into few if you use 1 amp you can place it only after the amp on the way to the speakers
kacper00100 (author)  110100101108 years ago
ok thanks alot
kacper00100 (author) 8 years ago
Ok I found two 40w speakers in the loft would a 200w (http://www.maplin.co.uk/Module.aspx?ModuleNo=46467) amp be ok for that or would I have to get something closer to 80w lol?
Erm, bit OTT! I was thinking that was a typo, 20W would be better. Look at Quasar and ESR for more kits at better prices, Maplin is hopeless except for emergencies.
kacper00100 (author)  Lurch8 years ago
lol no its because maplin has amps up to like 30w and then the next one is 200w lol and i want my music louder rather than quieter
kacper00100 (author)  kacper001008 years ago
sorry for double posting but what is the difference between RMS and normal
RMS = the average power the speakers accept. it determines the max volume you can play on them

Peak = the max power they can get without distortion. it determines quality of beats and such

PMPO = to be ignored

you can wire the speakers 3 W + 3 W in series and that in parallel to 5 W. the 5 W speaker gets 5 W and the 3 W speakers get 2.5 W each. together you need 10 W RMS amp that can work with 4 ohm speaker
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