Speed sensor

I have a 60 tooth ferromagnetic ring gear with a speed sensor attached. Each passing of a tooth creates a pulse in the sensor sending a signal to the ecu for calculation of attained rpms. It calculates the interval between the teeth to obtain the rpms, thus determining when to kick in the rev limiter on my 06 polaris ranger XP 4x4. Is it possible or even practical to eliminate every other tooth to "fool" the sensor into a lower rpm reading, and creating higher rpm levels within the motor?

LasVegas10 years ago
On my car, the gear is present on both front wheels as well the fly wheel. I assume on a 4x4, they would be on all four wheels. They're read by the computer along with all the other sensors to verify proper operation. If any of them loose a tooth, the ABS system will be disabled (among other safety features, I suspect.).
hiatt65 (author)  LasVegas10 years ago
I am trying to determine the practicality of this on an engine flywheel though. Thanks for your answer anyway.
LasVegas hiatt6510 years ago
As I said above, changing it would throw off the computer system and probably cause damage to the engine. The left axle on my car went out and a mechanic replaced it with the wrong one. While the one he gave me fit, the gear had a different count. The result was that the computer read it as the wheel spinning slower and it disabled the Anti-Lock Braking.