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I would like to know, where does the Instructables spell checker come from? I use it whenever i post anything but when i use words that the rest of the world are yet to discover (like Squircle) you have no idea how many times i have to click ignore or correct, it is extremly annoying. i am making my own Instructable and i spell check after every paragraph (i have noticed the checker misses somethings) and i have to ignore or correct it every single time and it really annoying me. with Microsoft word there is an ad do dictionary button, which would be very useful here, but i didn't know whether it is even possible. if anyone knows where the spell checker came from please tell me. (there were 20 errors before the spell check)

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it would be best just to type it up ms word and copy it to the Instructable. that way you have a backup if something were to happen to the instructable thatway you wouldn't have to type everything again
Quickeagle (author)  rocketman2219 years ago
i never thought of that, very celver.
Goodhart9 years ago
Well, if you use the FireFox browser, there is a spell checker that also has ADD TO DICTIONARY as an option. You can turn it on so it underlines (like WORD) words it believes are misspelled. But you do have to then "right click" on the underlined word for suggestions. That function is not always as useful as it is in WORD though. Many times I just type in the word into the Google search bar and let it suggest a spelling. There is an add-on that works in both FireFox and in Flock (in the atypical case that you may use that browser).
Quickeagle (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
it doesn't work for the Instructables spell checker I don't think. i just deliberately misspell potato and no matter the right clicking or searching no add to dictionary. 10 in that one.
No, not the instructables spell checker....I keep forgetting about that as I use the FireFox one so often.
Quickeagle (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
that's probably it. I saw an Instructable and the picture was of a firefox window and the miss spelt word was underlined red, but my version of FF doesn'to t that so I'm thinking i have a older version. unless of course i do have it but it i have not found it.
Sounds like a good reason to update to v2 then, eh ?
Quickeagle (author)  Goodhart9 years ago
yes it is a good reason, and now i have it yay!
There is an add-on that works in both FireFox and in Flock (in the atypical case that you may use that browser).

Wait...You mean that there are people who don't use Firefox? I thought that those people were a myth!
Depends on what I am doing.....I have MSIE in reserve for those few places left that except "nothing else", and I use Flock (in my social networks), and Marx_Geosearch for graphic-less browsing.
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