Spike nuckles or bras nuckles

hey can somebody make like brass nuckles with spikes? that would be sweet

Inspiracy10 years ago
I can make these, I could even mass produce them, I just won't is all.
twisted10 years ago
I just take some 50 cent coins and put them in between my fingers, works fine for me. and nobody can yell at you for havin coinds in your pocket.
TheCheese992110 years ago
you want some bra's??? read the title. lol these are illegal, so I claim no resonibility. what if you took some clay made it into the shape of brass knuckles, made a mould, filled it with brass, then like welded on spikes. I don't really know anything about metal working
lemonie10 years ago
Knuckles And why don't you have a go at this?