Sponsor- Classmate.com drop down box

Why is that stupid drop down box for Classmate.com in my way when I try to search for anything? I can't make it go away easily; as there is no "x" box in the upper right corner; and it wont go away until- well I'm not sure how i got it to leave anymore. By the time that I got rid of it- I had forgotten my search query. Now, I would never use Classmate.com for anything, Ever!!!

ewilhelm9 years ago
Can you take a screen shot and, if possible, note where the ad is coming from by mousing over or inspecting it with Firebug (Google Adsense, BlueLithium, etc...). Thanks!
n8man9 years ago
Just move the cursor above the top of the box to get rid of it
(i hate it too)
UltraMagnus9 years ago
firefox + adblock plus...... why would you use anything else?