Spreading the word of Instructables...on the chairlift!

I went skiing this past weekend, and took along some Instructables stickers. I stuck them to a couple of the chairlifts I rode on. Here are a few pictures of them. There were plenty other stickers on the lifts, so I decided to spread the word of a website through stickers as well!

Picture of Spreading the word of Instructables...on the chairlift!
I-bles Chairlift 002.jpg
I-bles Chairlift 003.jpg
I-bles Chairlift 004.jpg
I-bles Chairlift 005.jpg
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summit9 years ago
Interesting. Could you make Instructables stickers or would that be vandalism. Is the robot copyright? Well if it isn't I could print some on some sticker paper and spreading the word that way!!! And if it is illegal then I won't do it!!! I'll create my own picture!!!
Kiteman summit9 years ago
There are Robot images here, and the official logo here

"Feel free to silk screen them onto your car, print them onto fliers and drop them from a plane, or decorate your bathroom with them.

If you like working with graphics and think that you can come up with something better or new for us - go for it! If we like it, we will send you something cool."
summit Kiteman9 years ago
Thanks Kiteman!
KentsOkay9 years ago
Gagh! Must out do! *grabs yellow spray paint and paints the Instructables Robot onto the side of city hall*
Hello officer! How are you today? What I'm going for a ride? What are the cuffs for sir? AGH! I wasn't tagging! No! It's not a gang symbol! Urgh! *tsz tsz tsz* (girlish scream). VIVA INSTRUCTABLES!!! *passes out from tazer*
Doctor What9 years ago
I could make a giant stencil of the robot and spray him onto sidewalks!!! Or, I could knitta please him randomly in the community.
zachninme9 years ago
Awesome What someone needs to make is a double-sticker. You stick it somewhere, and then it can be peeled off and re-stuck (or kept) while leaving something else behind. (Probably a copy) That way, you could stick it, and then someone else can take it ...
that would be cool! i wonder how you bould do it?
The same way tamper-resistant stickers are made.
Ohhhhhhhhhhh ok. =P
But then the owners of the stickee would just peel it off and throw it away!
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