Spud Gun Ammo!

Hey guys I'm going to make a pnuematic spud gun soon, but I'm going to use something besides potatoes. I figure it'll have a 1-inch diameter barrel, so what can I shoot that's plentiful? Ideally, it would be bio-degradable or otherwise unharmful to the environment. Cork perhaps?

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Use apples, they work great for me and my friend (if he doesn't eat them before we shoot them). Just file the end of you barrel into a slight blade and jam it into an apple... Push apple down barrel with rod. Pumpkin, squash, andzucchininalso work okay, but not as well as apples. My gun has a 3/4 in barrel, and 3/4 ball bearings work great (not biodegradable, and please don't hurt anyone).

loitz404 years ago
anyone know how to make darts for potato guns?
loitz405 years ago
Try freezing Ice in a leftover part of the 1 in PVC it will be a perfect seal will offer a boom and it will melt
I did just that, loitz.
sawing a slit in the pipe helps get the ice out.
I shot another chunk today and it was a perfect seal and shot theough 6 inches of frozen snow and ice thanks 4 the tip ill try that next time any more tips
I used to have several short pieces of pvc (same diameter as the barrel) Each piece with a slit along it's length. Place in a shallow pan. Fill pan with water. Freeze. Break ice. Press ice slugs from pipe.
Toga_Dan5 years ago
homemade playdoh
Toga_Dan5 years ago
dig up some clay.
or buy it.
i just a potato with my friend and it is awesome we spray painted it sunrise orange. :D
i have an idea, but its not exactly eco-firendly, however the ammo is difficult to lose at night and its long lasting.

what you want is a round cartrige shaped sponge 2-3mm larger than your barrel, hollow 1cm from the center, containing a small light and button cell led/a small led torch with a switch at the base , with a dense solid at the bottom or under the light e.g rubber, then soak the whole thing for a while in molten soft plastic from soft plastic fishing lures
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