Spudgun, slingshot, coilgun, paintballgun, airsoft, bow and arrow laws

In Nj, is it legal to own or make a airsoft gun, slingshot, bow and arrow, coilgun, or pneumatic spudgun?

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max05067 years ago
in holland ( where i live ) spud guns, most airsoft and slingshot are illegal
really spud guns are illegal in Holland!?!?!
Looks like your knowledge was quite as universal as you thought, eh?
sling shots-legal coil gun-depends how powerful it is and what it shoots
spud guns-they shoot potatoes so legal
airsoft gun- you have to be 18 to buy one but not own one
bow and arrow-as long as you have a permit or right to own one(bear zone,hunting area-need a hunting permit)

and donyt say im wrong because i own a lot of weapons and i know all of the laws and everything else about them
So....you know all the laws in all fifty U.S. states, and 170+ foreign countries? That's quite impressive. If you've passed the bar in those countries, you might consider applying for a position at Instructables -- they could use an international lawyer to help with contest rules.
No i mean 41 states and 8 foreign countries
starwing123 (author) 9 years ago
technically, yes. though they don't exactly gather alot of attention... you'll only be using these things in your backyard, the cops won't know about them... JUST USE THESE THINGS ON PRIVATE PROPERTY, IF YOU DO BAD STUFF WITH THEM, THE COPS WILL TAKE THEM AWAY! airsoft - no one will care... just don't wave one around threatening people. slingshot - no one will care... don't threaten people... bow and arrow - no one will care. coil gun - erm... keep this one quiet!!! and don't shock yourself... spudgun - use it in your backyard... don't threaten people...
i have now learned that coil guns are 100% LEGAL so yeah, you can make one and not get in trouble... *don't shoot people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!*