Srac Sdrawkcab.

Here's a bit of fun; lift the top off a car, flip it front-for-back, and refit it, all in Photoshop.

From FinalGear via NOTCOT.

Go on, let's see your photoshoppery and gimpery.

Picture of Srac Sdrawkcab.
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Dr. Pepper6 years ago
I wish I had Photoshop.
Kiteman (author)  Dr. Pepper6 years ago
See my comment to Telamon.
I know. I already have the GIMP.
Try paint.net! It's just like photoshop.
I have it, but thanks!
Tom1795xx6 years ago
Well...mine's not very good but i did it in MS paint! :3 It's an Audi TT.
Kiteman (author)  Tom1795xx6 years ago
In paint?? Wow!
Thanks. Oh, and by the way is that GIMP this safe to download?
It is safe if you get it from a "safe site" (either their own site, or from CNET).
Nevermind about GIMP, MY PC HAS SOUND NOW!!! :D
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