Stains: specifically, how to remove MUSTARD stains

I have JUST NOW dumped an entire sardine (in mustard sauce) onto my white work shirt while having my meal at work, and the standard "damp cold water on a paper towel and a dry one underneath dabbing like crazy, didn't work.

I know there are commercial stain removers out there, but I would love to have a small bottle of something easy to make (or just something that needs no alteration, but does the job) handy for such incidences.

Any ideas? (I DID do a google search, but would LOVE to know if any of the ideas worked for anyone personally; ;-)

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Try concentrated sodium bicarbonate

may help

ChrysN8 years ago
I think the yellow colour in mustard is from turmeric, which is really difficult to remove, I've spilled turmeric powder on my jeans before, it was pretty bad. I googled how to remove turmeric from clothing. One suggestion was that If you put the turmeric stained clothing out in the sun, the stain will turn from yellow to red and then you will be able to wash it out. IIt worked for me.
jacq01uk ChrysN6 years ago
I used to do this many moons ago with baby whites, nappies, bibs etc, the sun is a very effective chemical free bleaching agent, some stains took a couple of stints on the line but worked 99% of the time!
Goodhart (author)  ChrysN8 years ago
Thanks, I will have to give that a try once it stops raining :-) Thanks
caitlinsdad8 years ago
That might be a tough stain on a white shirt. May I suggest a sharpie to at least camouflage the stain?
I think it looks like davinci's thinker...with a vertical speech bubble to the left.... or someone squatting to their business. Something about club soda comes to mind - but not once the mustard is set.
I believe it would be Rodin's Thinker on the most comfortable seat in the house reading the New York Times.
Goodhart (author)  caitlinsdad8 years ago
Now that I look at this again, it looks like he either got it all over his backend too, or didn't get to the bathroom fast enough. ;-)
Not chili, maybe more like this?
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