Stair Ride

I had an idea about making going downstairs fun. You grab two handles, which are connected to a frame on the ceiling. As you move/fly downstairs, the handles scroll along the frame quickly, thus making the simple process of going downstairs fun. :) Absurd or do-able? Does anyone know how to make such a thing? 

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verence5 years ago
Question: How do you bring the handles/grips back to the top?
lemonie verence5 years ago

canucksgirl5 years ago
Sounds like you're suggesting a "zip-line" for going down a set of stairs?... While I think the idea (in theory) would be kind of fun, I'm not sure how practical it is. Most staircases are rather short (with some building design exceptions of course), so it wouldn't be much of a ride if it ended just as fast as it started.

If you're still into this idea, look at the design of a basic zip-line, as I would think a cable system would be easier and less expensive than ripping a ceiling apart in order to fashion some other method.

And if you do make such a thing, you must publish an Instructable. :-)
Also make *explicitive* sure this is fastened and can carry more weight than just your own... i can say from experience that falling down a flight of stairs is not fun (though i have done it without the need for fancy setups :)
I didn't find the "falling down a flight of stairs" ride very fun either... :-|
I didn't find the "getting pushed out of an airplane and falling very fast" ride very fun either...those guys and gals in the military are a fun lot.
I could handle that ride. With mine, I think I was missing the parachute. The landing was a bit hard. :-|
well, with such a short fall, a parachute would have been of little use ;-)
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