Standing Desks in US Schools

A few schools in Minnesota are experimenting with standing desks in schools. Instead of the typical cramped desk that kids fidget at, these desks are much higher so that kids stand while using them. There's also a swinging footrest to put one foot.

The advantages touted are:
- More activity for kids, making them more attentive, less fidgety, and more awake
- Teachers don't have to bend way down to help students

Right now it's all an experiment with the kids being studied to see how well they respond to it. To be honest, I'm curious about trying this out as well. Eric uses a stand-up desk at home, but I'd be willing to experiment with a stand-up desk for all-day use. Has anyone else tried this?


Picture of Standing Desks in US Schools
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bluefly12158 years ago
interesting take. but I know that if you stand for long preriods of time you develope blood clots in your calfs. In the long run these kids will have multiple leg problems like cramping, PAD and the like. not to mention the back problems these kids will develope. maybe if there was a seat that could be used so you stand sit to take pressure off your back and legs.
If you have a brain and looked at that stinken pic at the top of the page you dummy then you might see the tall chair right there then you might change you mind
PKM bluefly12158 years ago
Standing for long periods causes back problems? First I've heard of it... and there I was thinking you got back problems from sitting slumped/hunched in a chair for long periods. If the desks are at a sensible height and angle it will be better for the spine than sitting, surely? IANAphysiognomist so feel free to correct me but I thought having a vertical spine, either by sitting up with proper lumbar support or standing, was the best thing you could do for your back.
i agree with your seat idea, i had it myself. i was thinking if they put some sort of seat to just rest there butts on, they just wedge themselves there with the foot rest. im sure that makes NO sense, but think about it like your leaning up against the wall, maybe then you'll get it
No, sitting or lying down for long periods of time increases your risk for DVT, PAD and cramps. Not standing. I really don't believe there are any risks to this. After all, you're built to stand! It's just the way your body is engineered.
Like that guy that never sits or lays down on Ripleys believe it or not.
the best of all is not to sit / stand / whatever but to move if you stand less in school you want to move more after school hours
Most of the things you have listed there you could get while sitting down and if anything it should stop back problems as you can slouch easily in a chair however slouching standing up is not so easy. I like the idea and I think there would be big fights at first (as with any change) but in the long run it would be very beneficial.
totally agree with concerns heck if they want the kids to be higher they could just give them higher chairs (bar style)
tskiba8 years ago
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