Star Trek Instructables.

Post any ideas for a 'ible related to Star Trek, and i will try to make it.

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builder9687 years ago
A marshmallow cannon that looks like a phaser! That would be awesome.
TyMan210 (author)  builder9687 years ago
 Do you mean TOS or TNG style?
Doesn't really matter to me. They'd both be cool.
TyMan210 (author)  builder9687 years ago
 I think the TOS-style would better suit a marshmallow cannon.
lemonie8 years ago
Without being stupid and asking for a transporter or replicator, I'd like to see a captain's chair (Kirk-style) L
TyMan210 (author)  lemonie7 years ago
 As you may have seen, someone has made that.
Yes I saw that.

Kiteman8 years ago
What about a communicator (original series style)?
TyMan210 (author)  Kiteman7 years ago
 I might try doing that, once I get a couple of communicator replicas.
gmjhowe8 years ago
I have one Star Trek realted I'ble already up!

See here.