Star-Wars fans

Here a group for all you Star wars fans out there
Tell anything you want post your pictures, drawings anything
And tell us what you thing star-wars 7 is going to be like 
You can write anything about anything star-wars
Have fun 


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Plo Koon4 years ago
In Episode 7 Han and Leia get lightsabers, i think
I remember when i was a kid around the time of the first star wars movie, George Lucas said in a tv interview that he had written 10 episodes, so hes dragged it out a bit too long, I was looking forward to seeing them before i got old and grumpy!
bapt (author) 4 years ago
haha that great where did u find that
sidgupta bapt4 years ago
Random net surfing brings great results!!
sidgupta4 years ago
Star wars vs Star trek........ Star wars wins!!!