Star on BoingBoing TV!

Our good friend Star Simpson finally explains her side of the Logan airport debacle in an interview with Xeni Jardin of BoingBoing TV. She decided to talk to Xeni because BoingBoing was the only news source to get it right the first time. Check it out, and see for yourself!
Edit: don't forget to check out Star's Breadboard Sweatshirt Instructable.

And yes, the interview is in the control tower of the old Instructables HQ.

Picture of Star on BoingBoing TV!
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Goodhart7 years ago
Well, if nothing else, she found another purpose for her art: it functions as a S.P.F. (stupid people finder), and she sure did find a gaggle of them too, *sigh*.
SABBaS7 years ago
damn, i'm very sorry you had to get through all that, i hope it doesn't carry any long-term consequences... it makes me really sad to hear the comments on the news and the morgue one... how can he say something like that with a smile? :(
jc8177 years ago
Boston must be the most technologically confused city in the united states. Bringing led's into the city is like holding a lighter in front of cavemen. Everybody freaks out and you get tackled and handcuffed.
caitlinsdad7 years ago
Massachusetts State Trooper Ninjas! I do have a newfound respect for Star. She is an intelligent young lady who got caught up in circumstances. I would want to hear from the information booth person who freaked out. That would be the a good choice for the first person to push off a lifeboat.
LinuxH4x0r7 years ago
Saw this last night.
Were here for you star!

f***ing pigs
I was wondering how this all panned out! I'm happy to hear her side of the story. I hope everyone who was posting in the original thread here will watch the video and get a better understanding. :)
skunkbait7 years ago
Star! You dis-orderly person...How dare you follow instructions??!!! There were a lot of unfortunate events (coincidences) that lead up to this. I hate that my kids have to grow up during these difficult times. It's sad when the noble and previously-honored past-times of: travel, inventing, free-speech, art, and sculpting can get you in sooooo much trouble. Star, you're the bom....uh, You're a great girl. If you ever make it to Arkansas, my family would be glad to have you visit. My wife is an artist, and my kids and I are amateur destruction specialists. (Just don't visit me at work. I work at the airport in the "in-Security" business!)
Heh. BoingBoing.
poor star. i can't believe that after all that, they still gave you community service and are making you publicly apologize. ridiculous!
ll.137 years ago
Star!! We're happy you're not in a morgue too!
Keith-Kid7 years ago
The title made me think this was a chance to star on Boingboing.`Oh well, Star is good too I guess....... :(
Plasmana7 years ago
Wow! A small harmless devise that has a few LED's and resistors that triggered a bomb problem!
We're all behind you, Star!
Star FTW!
comodore7 years ago
WOW, didn't know about this,poor woman! It's an unforgettable experience... For making something so cool, who could have know that something so genius and cool can be mistaken for a bomb! She apologised for being unique. It's a great thing she came out whit this, now we know the other side. In a way it shows that some people are small minded. How can a couple of resistors and LEDs be a trigger for a bomb??? Great view from the tower!