Star wars X-wing vs. Tie fighter help

I'm trying to run the game on windows vista 32 bit and It wont load and I need help!!!!!!!!!!

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builderkidj (author) 6 years ago
Hello, Thank you for all the help. I'm getting help from famous people on instructables and thats cool.

Thanks for all the help so far.


lemonie6 years ago

See here perhaps?

builderkidj (author)  lemonie6 years ago
THANK YOU SOOOOOO MUCH I will try later.
vishalapr6 years ago
Could you tell me what the RAM of your computer is and what graphic card you are using if you could?

Maybe there is a DirectX problem like caitlinsdad said or maybe the game isn't compatible with you windows version...?!
builderkidj (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
How do I find those things?
RAM & Windows Version -
Right-click My Computer and select Properties . The screen that pops up will give you info on what version of Windows you’re running and how much RAM is currently installed in the machine.

Hard Drive Space -
Open My Computer , right-click the C: drive, and select Properties from the resulting menu. You’ll get a handy little Pie chart that gives you used and available HD space.

Screen Resolution -
Right-click the Windows Desktop and select Properties . Hit the Settings tab on the resulting screen. You’ll see your resolution and color depth listed there.

CPU Speed -
Windows XP will actually give you this if you right-click My Computer, Properties . However, older versions of Windows won’t give you the slightest hint as to the CPU speed.
builderkidj (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
disk space-C:1.91gb E:146gb
Cpu speed-doesnt say.
According to this website if this is your game :

CPU Type: Pentium
CPU Speed in MHz: 90 MHz
Sound Card: 16-bit
CD Drive Speed: 2X
Video Card: PCI graphics
Compatible Devices: joystick, keyboard
Pentium 100MHz or faster for LAN (up to 8 players) or modem play (2 players)
Pentium 133MHz or faster for Internet play (up to 4 players)
28.8Kbps modem for Internet
14.4Kbps modem for modem-to-modem play
Null-modem cable for direct serial play (2 players)

Could you do me one more favor and check what video card you have the only way to know is when you purchase the computer or when you buy a new video card...

And find out these two as well...
Sound Card
CD Drive Speed

After you get those stuff come back and your problem must be solved quite simply!
builderkidj (author)  vishalapr6 years ago
Thanks I'll get back to you.
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