Starting a country...?

Okay, basic rundown: I've always wanted to start a country, and have gone from varying degrees of seriousness on the topic (from declaring my bedroom the kingdom of shirts to writing a constitution for Travisland [seriously]) Now, obviously there are several issues as to the actual seceding process. I'm in Canada, and I am currently researching how Canada gradually broke off from England, and I am planning to apply the same concept. Does anyone want to help with the research of building a constitution, border laws, etc? Assuming it actually works, you will get a passport, likely a government position (or something to that degree) and will be able to come and go from the country at any time (although if it does work we legally need permanent residences). Is anyone interested, even if all we get out of this is some education?

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A good name (author) 8 years ago
Urgh... we need more members :\
skunkbait8 years ago
I always thought of buying, or creating an island and declaring sovereignty. You'd have to be fairly self sufficient though as you could easily be blockaded and sanctioned. Even if you weren't attacked by foreign invaders, they could still starve you out, if they didn't like having you as a neighbor.
A good name (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
I believe it's called the "tongue in cheek" effect. At the moment my territory consists of a bedroom. Alternatively to being nice, you could just buy a lot of chain guns.
I'll provide military man-power in an "advisory only" role. But, I am willing to run blockades (seriously, I've done it before!!!).
A good name (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
Hmmm... How do graham crackers sound as compensation?
That'll work!!
A good name (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
A good name (author)  skunkbait8 years ago
You interested in providing the military manpower I'll need skunk? :)
Goodhart8 years ago
writing a constitution for Travisland

The only advice I have at the moment is to try to keep jokesters from calling it Travestyland
Pet names tend to stick :-)
A good name (author)  Goodhart8 years ago
Haha, I called it that because my friend and me were having a debate about politics, and she said if I was so pissed then I could just go start my own country and live in "Travisland". I recruited no less than 20 people for it.
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