Starting your own religion

How many of you have fathomed about doing it? How far did you actually go with it?

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rhysc77 years ago
dose a cult count as a religion
NachoMahma10 years ago
. Well, I haven't started my own religion, but I'm a minister of the Universal Life Church. Last time I checked, I could perform legal marriage ceremonies in most US states.
I also can perform marriages, but I always feel guilty when I do.  It's sort of like watching your favorite dog get neutered.
"Sir, we've just neutralised your dog successfully."
"Don't you mean Neutered?"
"Oh. Oh god."
do you intend on ever actually marrying anyone?
.  I don't plan on it, but if someone asks ...
.  What we've got here is .. failure to communicate.
i really need to check post dates.
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