Stats that show how many people viewed my page, shared etc

I saw by pure accident apparently, 'stats' for my First Instructable, now I can't seem to find them.. can someone tell me step-by-step how I can find them again?? thanks

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mikeasaurus5 years ago
The amount of views, rating, publish date and other information about a project can be found on every Instructables project page.

For your own projects you can access a graph and select which projects you want to view by going to your YOU page, then finding the STATS tab.
stkmach5 years ago
Where did the stats tab go? I would like to see where my costume was shared.
Its been removed. There is limited info on your Stats page (under You), if you select the Instructable and click the option for "Traffic Sources", but it only shows how people found your Instructable (ie Search Engines, Within Instructables, Other). You can't see the specific URL's anymore.
Some how i cant find that either.
At the top right of the website you'll see "YOU". Click on that to open the options available, and click on "Profile Page".

On your profile page, select the "Stats" tab (the last one on the right).

On your stats tab, select the instructable(s) you want stats for (on the left below the stats chart), select the time frame (last month, last 3 months, last year), then choose either "show total visitors", "By Instructable" or "By Traffic Sources". Click the "Update Chart" button once you've made your selections.

(I can't seem to upload images now... so I can't give you a screenshot). 

sorry... not "profile page".... select "You Page"
The stats must be only if you have a pro account because mine doesn't have that.
Are you sure you went to your "YOU page"?

When the page loads, you should see 7 tabs. Click on the "Stats" tab.

-- Also, you do have the "PRO" marker next to your username... so you must be a pro member?!
Confirmed I just added the pro account. It wasn't there otherwise. There was only 5 tabs.
Well that's good to know. (It's been a long time since I was a non-pro).
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