It's still in beta, but check it out and tell us what you think.  Is the information useful?  Interesting?  Can you help you author better Instructables? 

Picture of Stats
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Rahul - S1 year ago

This is very useful. But now a days stats is not working well.

It shows less views than the original views.

Kryptonite7 years ago
Wow, it looks good! Shame I haven't noticed this before, but if you do continue with this (doubtful...?) then I for one would be happy.
kcls Kryptonite7 years ago
Hmm... we should start a petition to bring the stats page back. I wonder why they got rid of it?
Kiteman kcls7 years ago
I'm guessing a mixture of not many people using it, and it being seriously buggy.
kcls Kiteman7 years ago
Could be, I wish they had developed it though. I bet it could have been good if they built up some hype about it.
Yeah. RIP Stats. T_T
They had a pretty short life, didn't they.
Kryptonite kcls7 years ago
Might have been using up too much space on their servers as well.
I suspect that all the data has been there all along, it's just the user interface that broke. Apparently the original author is no longer at I'bles, so it'll be that much harder to maintain...
That does help if they're still around, thanks kelsey!
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