Status update (Update: Barackuda soon to post)

Hey, peoples. 

I'm rather sad to see the community dying but I figured I'll cling on a little longer, try to spark some more activity if possible. I see people still posting instructions, so that's good. Just wish we'd keep more discussion going on the forums. Anyway, a couple things:

Just to show what I have around, I tried to make something after my Barackuda but didn't end up going anywhere. I just wanted to have something around, so I remade and improved my SMRI model. This version was designed solely for looks based off my last version. I couldn't really be bothered to try making this one shoot. It still uses Red's stock because I couldn't think of a better design at the time. Anywho, this wasn't meant to be the impressive bit, just something to show while yabbering. =P 

With the Barackuda and the SMRI, I realized that I'm still limited in a few pieces. I desperately need more dark greys, oranges, and black hands. I also realized I feel bad destroying guns and never keeping them around so that I can build new ones. I figure I might as well build my collection up so I can keep more guns around. So I've ordered more pieces. I'll get them probably some time early next week. I'm hoping to build something right away. I'm thinking of revisiting my Barackuda to see if I can improve the trigger and feed ramp. I might redesign it entirely. I'm hoping to attempt a repeating slingshot of some form at some point too. But it's an area I've never worked in before so I might get discouraged pretty quick. I dunno, I need to try actually building these ideas I have sitting in my head for years. I'll post more in here once I get the pieces and start building something.

Update 2/19/16: 
I'm mostly finished with my new version of the Barackuda. I filled in the empty gaps on the rods of the magazine to make it fuller looking. The trigger -should- work better now but I just noticed it struggles to set when it's still pulled back while cocking. I suspect I just need a better band setup to resolve this, otherwise it works fine when you manually push the trigger forward. Last, the stock was changed entirely to give the bolt a rail to glide inside of with a solid bolt stop right after the trigger engages, allowing for a quick and smooth action. The handle connection is also more sturdy, so the stock is surprisingly rigid. Overall I'm much more pleased with this version, as long as I can figure out the trigger bands this might be posted. I'll begin working on yet another remake of the UMP soon.

Update 11/9/16: 
Man, the year sure flew by. I apologize for never really getting around to posting the Barackuda before. This time I think I've finally gotten over my perfectionism. I've adjusted the stock to keep the same track design but attached it differently and otherwise made the rest of the stock use less pieces. I've figured out a (I think) new pair of K'nex sights more precise than our usual chunky ones, not that it'll help much. The trigger and back of the gun has been adjusted to block the pin further back, hopefully improving range slightly. The front of the gun was made more compact and flat at the bottom to allow potential changes to the front of the magazine in the future. It also makes muzzle loading much easier in tandem with the new ramp. The ramp is also simpler, more consistent, and hopefully offers better range than my other ones. Finally, the magazine has been adjusted to be easier to load and hopefully more reliable. I'd finally say this is a practical war weapon alternative. I'll post this...hopefully sooner rather than later. This time I mean it. 

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TheDunkis (author) 7 months ago

Dunno why I keep posting here but I'm happy to say the Barackuda is coming along nicely. Changed the stock, trigger, front + ramp, and magazine since the version in the picture, so I'm gonna finish it up, get a new picture, and then maybe get another video. Then I want to be done with it... I've been meaning to post it but haven't quite been satisfied enough with it at any point.

TheDunkis (author)  TheDunkis7 months ago

Latest version:
1. Cleaned up the stock connection a little, changed the design a little bit, keeps same basic bolt trough.

2. Improved trigger to block pin a little further back.

3. Added rear peep sight with front post sight, about as effective as K'nex sight are going to get.

4. Changed front of gun to be more compact, have simple ramp, to be flat on the bottom (in case I add more to the front of the magazine), and to be easily muzzle loaded. While I don't like the looks of this one as much, I figure the practicality overrides the aesthetics in this case.

5. Finally, I removed the gears from the magazine, used another piece which lets the ammo flow freely. It's not really a rotary magazine anymore, more a small drum magazine. Anyway, filling the magazine should be much easier now, just drop ammo in, no need to push.

didexo TheDunkis7 months ago

I say just post internals now and let others mod if they please. I know I certainly want to.

I dude do you remember me :D I'm back

Can't say I do.

rip lol

TheDunkis (author)  didexo7 months ago

Fair enough. I think I'm pretty much ready to post full on instructions. Made a few minor changes but otherwise there's nothing big I want to change at this point. I just want to testfire it and make sure it's reliable. Once I do, would you be able to do a review?

didexo TheDunkis7 months ago

Sure, I'd be happy to. I don't see a need for full instruction, but do as you wish. I look forward to it.

TheDunkis (author)  didexo7 months ago

Cool, thanks! I can get internals first then, but I figure for potential newbs I should post full instructions later. Would like to somehow boost activity by getting more people interested in K'nex gunning.

didexo TheDunkis7 months ago

Great, send them in a PM or something so I can get building. But regarding that, I just don't think kids are playing with K'nex as much as when I was younger.

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