Staying Warm Caption Contest - Update!

Now that Thanksgiving is over and winter is on it's way, I have been brainstorming ways to stay warm around Instructables HQ. One solution that I am considering is to make one of those toasty Compubody Socks that I was fortunate enough to try on a few months ago.

However, thanks to the effectiveness of this cozy privacy shield, I can no longer tell whether or not I enjoyed this experience. Perhaps you can help me to remember by adding your caption below?

The best caption will be picked Monday and the author will win a sweet tape measure from DIY Network who is hosting a Cool Tools Holiday Blitz that runs from tomorrow (11/27) to Sunday (11/30). They will also win a virtual caption contest patch!

Limit of 3 entries per person.

The winner will be selected on Monday (12/1)

UPDATE: And the winner is...

The Internet is a series of tubes... Apply Directly To The Head - T3h Muffinator

Picture of Staying Warm Caption Contest - Update!
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DrWeird1179 years ago
Mine would be, "Porn in Private."
Ha Ha! Now nobody will know my Instructables log-in password! BWAHHAHAHAHA!!!!!!
Eric does... He can access anybody's account and see our private things... BTW, I don't think anybody can figure out my password! (I changed it into something a lot more harder.)
I've always used a pretty impossible password that's very easy for me to type, granted I've always wanted to make my password a keyboard movement, rather than a combination of letters and number or some such, it adds both freedom and ease to making it work, plus it's more secure...
qazwsx? That was my friends for a while. Just stroke the keyboard twice and your good to go. It's genius.
That was mine up until a few days ago... PHEW!
a keyboard movement? is that anything like a human movement? I hope not
Get your head out of the recycle bin!
The way my head feels right now, if the recycle bin had a steam control on it, I would stick it in and crank it up ! My sinuses are still killing me...
More secure eh?
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