Anyone have any idea's to make yourself more stealthy?

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Lextone10 years ago
Get rid of jewelry and loose dangling clothing around your ankles, wrists and neck. Tie your shoes in square knots and feed the loose ends back down the laces to avoid catching anything on the ground. If you put anything in your pockets only put one item in each pocket. Look around with your eyes not your head. Lextone
you seem to have a fairly experienced opinion on this subject Lex, perhaps you have read Stephen K. Hayes?
Never heard of him. I did Google him, sounds interesting...My knowlege comes from E&E training.
You should read his book, "Spirit of the Shadow Warrior" I have a copy myself and it certainly helps in enhancing the senses too
Its been awhile since this thread was active...but hey, its an interesting topic. I don't partake in the realm of stealth and stalking anymore. I learned escape and evasion tactics, camouflage, and game stalking through hands on training. It all really comes down to practice, practice and more practice. I never read the book, but Im sure that is part of the technique. Some other stealth tactics I have to offer are these: You are easier seen in the day and best heard at night. Its easier to hide from Humans than Animals, so master the evasion of wild life or they will give you away. Never look directly at lights at night, your eyes will shine and give you away. Utilize the landscape for concealment. Use established roads and paths for navigation, never for travel. Lextone
Also that if you have their source of light in between the two of you then it will ruin their night vision and the blood of any animal other than human will disguise your scent.
Actually...animal hide is better. Blood attracts scavengers. Perfumes from soaps in your laundry, Shampoo's and deodorants....even your toothpaste cannot be hidden by simply smearing blood on yourself. That only works in the movies.
ahhhhh... it would make sense then... my grandfather would hunt wearing deerskin... he also smeared himself in pigs blood... he came home every time with a great bounty... I am a fisherman and a blacksmith (as my name suggests) and I am afraid I was not taught many hunting techniques
Whaleman Lextone10 years ago
Good advice, I am gonna use that the next time I go airsofting, I love surprising people =D
ledzep5679 years ago
wear flat bottomed shoes like chuck taylors, when i wore them i used to be able to sneak up on anybody. but they are not so comfortable.
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