Steampunk Artist vs. TSA

If you're into steampunk, I expect you'll find this story of how this guy got arrested for his art somewhat interesting:

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kelseymh5 years ago
See the image in the link above. Not steampunk at all. Maybe, possibly cyberpunk (though not really), but definitely designed to trigger a response.

The local news has additional details on the issue, including the initial arrest and the decision not to file charges.
Commercial artists and teachers, especially science teachers, were always on the watch list. Poor guy must have followed an ible and mistaken an electric fuse for another kind of fuse. No one has the story straight on whether he was wearing it or in his luggage.
billhorvath (author)  caitlinsdad5 years ago
I figured since the TSA blog said it was discovered in his bag, that's most likely to be accurate. Then again, this is your tax dollars at work.
Let's not forget our fellow ibler stasterisk and her adventure with the TSA.
Its a cheap watch with a bunch of fuses and wires sticking out "for show" along with a switch. This is not steampunk, and hardly qualifies as Art. I didn't read into the story but I get the feeling this guy was trolling for all this attention. (He needs a better hobby).
billhorvath (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
I agree it's not really steampunk, but since the TSA seemed to think it was, I figured it was worth mentioning. Thanks for the additional links!