Steampunk Bluetooth

The Borgifier gets the olde steampunk treatment and turns the wearer into a bit of a clockwork human. I wonder where the artist got all those tiny cogs and if he has a good supply to replace them when they get knocked off.


Picture of Steampunk Bluetooth
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But does it work
No, it doesn't
Unless by work you mean encourages conversation about it.
Well style points are worth it indeed, but if it worked, it would in fact be sextacular.
steam punk seems to get a lot of attention on 'ibles...
it gets a lot of attention because for the most part that is what 'ibles is about. the free creation of things. and if you can make it super stylin' like our friend up there well awesome for you. it also has that attraction that it is hard to do and if done right has great effects.
ummm... 'ibles is about alot of things...
Because it simply pwns.
fair enough Jimmy James... lol, can i call you that?
no, you may not.
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