Steampunk Goggles, Wood-Burning Pen, Water Recycling...

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Oct. 4, 2007
Welcome back!

It's October and we're less than four weeks away from Halloween! So be sure to get working on some awesome projects for our
DIY Halloween 2007 Contest! Until then, check out these cool projects.
Mad Scientist Steampunk Goggles
Complete your mad scientist outfit with these easy-to-make goggles.
posted by pleasedontspamme on Sep 30, 2007
How to Make Your Own Scratchtable
Learn to scratch the virtual vinyl with just a pizza box and a mouse.
posted by dbond on Oct 2, 2007
Cool Cloud Lamp!
Create an ethereal light source with soap, water, and a light source. Can be easily modded for a nice Halloween effect.
posted by babblin5 on Oct 1, 2007
Laser wood-burning pen
Combine a High Power Laser diode and a mechanical pencil and learn to "write" on wood. Don't forget the goggles.
posted by ramanff on Sep 27, 2007
How to Build a Remote Control Deadbolt
Build a remote-controlled door lock with 110V solenoids, solid steel dowel, and an X10 remote control for $30.
posted by stuffman on Oct 4, 2007

Halloween Contest 2007!

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Mouse Cam
Use an optical mouse for low resolution imaging. The picture is that of an "e" under the mouse.
posted by neelandan on Sep 27, 2007
Cool Little Miniature Stove!
How to make a great portable pressure-based alcohol stove from stuff you probably have laying around your house!
posted by NK5 on Sep 27, 2007
How to bring that store-bought VenusFlyTrap Back to life!
A little help for all those people who have a dying VFT on their hands.
posted by Spedy on Sep 27, 2007
Water Recycler (Grey Water)
Reuse the water from your washing machine in the garden and grow some vegetables during a drought.
posted by slemke on Sep 28, 2007
How to open a coconut
Learn how to open a coconut with just a hammer, the stylish way.
posted by uwe on Oct 3, 2007
Now go build something awesome, and I'll see you next week!

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