Steampunk Mobile

Some great ideas come from taking a completely new gadget and making it something that looks like, and in this case sort of works like, something from the 19th century. This steampunk cell phone concept has no display. No 3G. No data plan. No games. It doesn't even have a dial pad. You make your calls with binary-coded punch cards, steampunk.

All you get in this rugged brown package is an earpiece, (possibly faux) gauges, visible screws, and a spinning number-counter. Oh, and a hole punch every time you want to order a pizza.

The project was developed for O2, aiming at the RPG player market (really!). I don't think it works. It would be cool if it did, but I don't think so...

Original designer

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Sandisk1duo9 years ago
it is probable that someone that could make this, the problem would probably be that it's the size of a book! Just take apart a cellphone, re-wire the buttons, the mic, and the headphone, stuff it inside!
not as easy they are very compact sometimes i cant even take it out of the circuit out of the case!
that's why you don't take apart a new phone! just get an old-piece-of-junk phone for like $10
you know there are people working on micro gears the size is so small it would make this possable the speaker could be a vibrating plate or an music machine based idea for diffrent sounds
they could make a music machine, but it would be expensive as heck! the idea is simple, take apart an old phone, and put it in that
i know what you mean but wouldnt it be amazing to have the real thing? i am willing to make one
it would be pretty cool to have a real one
the problem in your thinking is that while someone in japan might be able to make it the size of an iphone, kids these days, (or all the children i know) would have no part of it. so i'm geussing it wouldnt hit to well with the crowd. although i would buy it for sure...
jakesllama8 years ago
my idea would be to make a huge one that works and then narrow it down, compressing smaller design more effeicent intill you have it by the way i love the card punch idea! i would love to make this!
gmjhowe9 years ago
ha, i saw this on gizmodo, but never got round to posting, i like the clock cards idea. But a true steampunk would have a brass music cylinder that plays back the dial tone of the number.
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