Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

This steampunked Mr. Potato Head by Sarah Calvillo is awesome. Especially cool is using the butt compartment for the mouth. Super sweet!

Spudnik: Steampunk Mr. Potato Head

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Picture of Steampunk Mr. Potato Head
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unanonymous7 years ago
freakin awesome
ragwafire7 years ago
would whoever made this be willing to sell iT? it rocks!
Kiteman7 years ago
Mr Boilerhead, surely?
May I suggest an extension of your idea: "Mr. Boilerhead the Terminator". :-)
Sweet! It may not be brass or copper, but neither is a lot of what I see out there being called "steampunk". Swirls of hot glue painted with metallic colored paint comes to mind. Very creative work!
Its actually quite well known that automaton such as this were used in Ireland to protect the potato crops from pests. Scarecrows just don't do very much when it comes to moles after all. They would burrow into the ground, and if disturbed fire upon the trespasser. They were discontinued after a tragedy one fall, during harvest, when several failed to deactivate and numerous families were killed.
Paladynn7 years ago
Not to toot my own steam whistle, but:\
Adum24 yoyology7 years ago
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