Steampunk Nerf Assault Rifle

This Nerf gun gets the steampunk treatment and put up for sale on eBay. Foam bullets sadly not propelled by steam.


Picture of Steampunk Nerf Assault Rifle
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btw..does it still shoot neft darts....
its steam punk... you either like it or you dont... and if you like steampunk you would say what i said.."WOW THIS IS COOL!!!!!!"
the gun looks cool, and someone actuly opend it up. nice barel replacement gotta love the longshots
Wow! This gun is Gorgeous! And the magnificent Stand! This makes me want to go out and buy this nerf gun! Where do you find Gauges like that?
Vynash9 years ago
I know
It's steampunk, 'course it's ugly. Now imagine a chap in a top hat wielding it...
Even worse...
Pfttt. I think it is gorgeous. And I do believe that a chap done up in fancy attire with a top hat wielding it would be the definition of delicious.

But that's my opinion.
Hmm... *scrounges about for top hat and victorian garb*
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