Steampunk Recumbent

It is a steampunk recumbent. Need I say more?


Picture of Steampunk Recumbent
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killa6969 years ago
lol awesome
=SMART=9 years ago
Everything looks great except the tires...
Rishnai =SMART=9 years ago
The white rubber tire make sense: they would be from the era before vulcanized rubber. It fits with late-period brass-era vehicles.
Yep. The tread is non-period, but the colour is spot-on.
Indeed. And who knows, I bet some of the guys who took a real early Powerplus or Scout up a dirt hill might have modified available white tires into more modern-looking knobbies. Maybe not quite like that, though.
I know a lot of the old-timers from motorcycle racing used to cut their oun tires down to match the surface, so it's a possibility.
I wouldn't be suprised. I know when my grandpa had a '31 Indian Four, he'd get the knobbiest tires he could find and cut 'em knobbier, then would go all up and down the dirt backroads of Cascade at slightly faster than sane. I hear that sucker was a mean hillclimber.
Cool. The Indian 4s were ahead of their time. If they hadn't have gotten so hot on the rear cylinder, It might've saved the company.
True, although I wonder sometimes if any product could have saved the company, with all the mismanagement involved. Have you ever seen a Six? Apparently some people have been combining two Four motors into Sixes. Other than overheating issue, I bet those things are some serious machines.
Never seen an Indian 6. I have seen a few odd 6s though. I have a Taurus SHO. It has a Yamaha V6 in it. If I could just shoehorn that into the old XS frame!
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