Steampunk Skull Mouse

This creepy, yet amazing, mouse is made from a sheep's skull and bits of brass. Yup, this adds an extra gothic element to steampunkland and it looks so good that I'd be afraid to use it and muck it all up.


Picture of Steampunk Skull Mouse
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goosezilla8 years ago
So pretty!
AALISS8 years ago
Wow its beautiful!!! :D Great work
tevers948 years ago
Barvo!!! That is beautiful
red-king8 years ago
that's really nice looking. i want an instructable on making it.
Instruction on how to duplicate this. I needs them. NOW. *actually has an unused deer skull lying around he's been looking to use* >.>
that's just... creepy...
What the deer-skull thing? Two-maybe three-years ago somebody did a hit-and-run on a young deer buck directly across from our lane (we live in the countryside). I found it coming home from work in the morning (I worked third shift) and got out to see if it was still alive, or how cold it might be. It was still warm, and no vehicle in sight to claim it! Mom called the sheriff's office, we tagged it, then brought it up to the house and butchered/cleaned it so the meat wouldn't go to waste. I kept the skull to use for future projects but haven't had anything to use it for until seeing this.
That's cool, how big was it and what type of deer?
Dont remember how big; wasnt much more than a year old though. Small whitetail buck.
Nice, I'm personally a fan of hog deer that we get here in Australia, not really big but it has a really nice meat.
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