Steampunk Snowboard

Steampunk hits the slopes with this crazy and dangerous board. Lots of time was put into putting coppery bit and bobs all over it to give it that steampunk flair. And then some hippy windsocks were put on for some awful reason.

Ah well, another step forward for steampunk, I suppose.

Steampunk Snowboard Flickr set via Make

Picture of Steampunk Snowboard
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It looks like an accident about to happen! One hard carving turn and those windsocks will become snow filled brakes! Kiss your ankles goodby for sure.
agreed on the windsock. when you are engaged in a sport with it's own inherent dangers, last thing you want to do is make it higher risk.

the concept of a steam-powered (looks at least) is cool, though. maybe a "steam engine" on the back with a battery powered cam mechanism going up and down. toss in a little dry ice for the look of steam coming out.
A steam drive look would be a hoot! I like the cam mech. to give a mechanical 'motion' to the rig. I've a buddy here who put a small wooden 'viking dragon' ship's figure head on the front of his board and to see it cutting through the snow is wild.

Another idea might be to take one of those cheap smoke candles used by pest controllers to find the entrances to gopher holes, stick it in a metal tube on the back and light it as you start down a long slope. They burn for 30 seconds, a minute, or there's one that burns for a full 3 minutes for that long run. They produce a white smoke that is high volume and smoke from one 3C smoke candle generously fills a 40 ft container from top to bottom and front to back. Add in a high intensity red and an orange LED to light the base of the smoke just behind the board, and you have what looks like a rocket propelled board! All you'd need to do is figure out some sound effects and your going to leave them shaking their heads in wonder.

Check out
Danggg...and they let you on the lift with that??
I agree! It annoys me that this wonderful project attracted so may haters. If you follow the story it says the sails will catch wind ti power a generator turbine. although they cause drag the result is awesome and the sails are better colored; they stand out against the snow.
KentsOkay8 years ago
Very... novel. The windsocks are definetly overkill.
bumpus8 years ago
Now thats just stupid.
I agree those windsocks killed it you can see the shiny glory waiting to burst free!
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