Steampunk Space Helmet

Just when I thought that there was enough steampunk to last me through the month, another wonderful item comes along. Why fight it? Just check out all the details that make up this crazy piece to enable Victorian gentlemen to explore the ether without having to remove their tophats.

Link via Neatorama

Picture of Steampunk Space Helmet
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DireSolace5 years ago
where did you get the tanks on the back
damuzi5 years ago
Awe and amazement. This is GENIUS
DireSolace5 years ago
hey what did you use for the plastic head piece
It looks like he/she used a glass or plastic cloche (a cloche is one of these: and glued on the ends of round push pins with a gold spray paint finish. The plastic part/chest plate/body is made of a large plastic pot for plants that has been cut. Around the bottom, to cover the rough edges, he put pipe insulation tubing. (Man, I wish I knew where you got that glass cloche! Those are really hard to find!!!! I am so jealous of this awesome space helmet btw)
gmjhowe9 years ago
hmm, could do with a little dry brushing.

must dry brush.... every...thing....
must... wet brush... every... thing...
must... flip... center... switch... it is not even with the rest...
must... reply.. to every... comment... aahhhhhh...
same... here...
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