Stereo Stolen!

My car stereo was recently stolen.. Bummer. Here is my idea; I am tired of putting stereos in my car only to have them stolen. I don't want to buy another CD player w/ an aux in input for my mp3 player, since I don't really play cd's anyways. What I want to do is install just an aux input line to my car speakers and mount that easily in the empty hole. Is that possible? Do you somehow need to power the speakers? How do you go about doing that w/out buying a new stereo? My main goal is 1)to put something there that will run the sound from the MP3 player 2)not need a stereo to do it. 3)do this so no one would think it is something they could steal and profit from. HELP! :)

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mitso69897 years ago
Same thing has happened to me too many times, I leave van unlocked now. I'll be looking into the amp to mp3 option as soon as I sort through all the severed wires.
You could get one of those radios that looks like a retro piece of junk that actually is a new radio with the latest features.
caitlinsdad9 years ago
What kind of car do you have and what kind of car stereo is installed? It sounds like it is not the first time it was stolen. Car radio theft is pretty rare in big cities with all of the anti-theft stuff built into systems and other tricks like detachable control faceplates or chassis. There are a lot of stealth mods to camouflage the faceplate too. Thieves would rather get the airbag or expensive rims.
NachoMahma9 years ago
. Get an amp and mount it under the dash or under the front seat. Make sure there is plenty of ventilation. Run a stereo cord from the amp inputs to a jack that fits your MP3 player.
Kiteman9 years ago
How about getting an old stereo radio, and one of those little broadcast units for your mp3? Tune the radio to the broadcaster, then fit it behind an anonymous panel. Reroute the power switch to a rocker elsewhere on your dashboard. Switch on both to listen, but rest assured that your stereo won't be stolen again because it is both crappy and hidden.
and as far as the output is concerned....filter, filter, filter it :-)
You'll need an amp unit for the MP3 input, that's about it...