Steve HAS 800 BEST ANSWERS Probably More Tonight

I will see Venus before getting anywhere close to steveastrouk's scoring.

Just hand me a tissue to wipe my eyes please ;-)


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iceng (author) 5 years ago
Here I create this blue three digit BMP and the robot elects to only show
the least significant digit...
Sorry Steve..

Turn your bmp into a square and the whole number will show up. Since its a long rectangle, it was cropped (thus it only shows the center "0") ;-)

Congrats Steve.
lizzyastro5 years ago
Well done Steve!

kelseymh5 years ago
How did you find this out? The new member-page layout doesn't appear to show the number of Best Answers any more, just the grand total number of comments made in Answers.
iceng (author)  kelseymh5 years ago
I was way off when congratulating Steve on his 700
so he sent me a PM on his 800....