Sticker business cards

Check out these sweet business cards + stickers that our new intern bofthem made for me. I've been handing them out like candy at the various conferences I've attended in the past week. Everyone loves getting stickers!

Picture of Sticker business cards
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Awesome, what a great idea. But you blurred your phone number, what if we need to call you?!? :-P
thats what i was going to say. i could imagine the number of calls eric would get if he had forgotten to blur it.
But a quick search gives us a number... hehehe. >:-D
ewilhelm (author)  drinkmorecoffee10 years ago
Tell me more.
Looks like there's a phone number in the media kit that begins with those digits.... Without saying who it is right here - It's not your number, but it's not a shop line either :)
Well, gives me a landline and an address for an Eric J Wilhelm who works at Instructables. A little more searching says that that address is squid labs, is that right?
It's not the SAME number as the one on the card, but it's a number nonetheless. :-)
ewilhelm (author)  drinkmorecoffee10 years ago
Ah. That's the old shop number. Even when we were there, I had the ringer turned off and an answering machine set to pick up immediately.
Darn! Oh well... Do you guys have a land line at the head quarters? (just curious)
ewilhelm (author)  drinkmorecoffee10 years ago
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